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Science solids liquids and gases

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Solids t ake up space just like liquids and gases do. 3. Solids are made up of molecules just like liquids and gases are. 4. Solids do not flow like liquids do. 5. Solids turn into liquid with heat.

Solid? Liquid? Gas? Discover properties of the states of matter

Learn about surface tension and changing states. Start studying Science Solids liquids and gases. Learn vocabulary, terms, and more with flashcards, games, and other study tools.

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Shopping. Tap to unmute. If Matter comes in three states: solids, liquids and gases. A good example is water. It can be solid (ice), liquid (the ocean) or gas (steam) depending on how much energy or heat it has.

Solids Particles in solids are held together very  1 Mar 2021 Edited by Dava Sobel. For any liquid, there are two ways to arrive: condensation or melting, a gas finding shape or a solid losing it.
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Science solids liquids and gases

For any  24 Jan 2020 The three main states of matter are solid, liquid, and gas. Plasma is the fourth state of matter.

Naming examples of solids, liquids, and gases is a common homework assignment because it makes you thin Solids, liquids and gases are the three main phases of matter. Solids have a fixed crystalline structure, whereas liquids and gases are more free-flowing.
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States or Phases Matter usually exists in one of three states or phases: solid, liquid, or gas. The chair you are sitting on is a solid, the water you drink is liquid, and the air you breathe is a gas. Solids, Liquids, and Gases (Rookie Read-About Science: Physical Science: Previous Editions) [Garrett, Ginger] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers.